David Carter

Profile Updated: May 12, 2019
Residing In West Chester, PA USA
Spouse/Partner, children, grands, steps wife - Connie Carter
Career History? How about now? Retired - Nursing Home / Personal Care Administrator - Hospital Admin
Military, Peace Corps, Alternative Service, Protestor Alternative Service - Phila & Washington DC - 4.5  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Education History since Westtown

Earlham 1968 - major Econ - minor History & Geology

Masters work at St Joe's (Phile) & Warton - Hospital Admin


2 X wives - 5 kids ( 2 deceased) - been with present wife 30+ yrs - Have a family summer place (called a camp) at Pocono Lake Preserve PA which my grandfather father went to with a bunch of Phila. Quakers - been there every year of my life - now going up 90 -110 days in the summer - Have mostly lived in Phila. suburbs - now in Pocopson Chester Co within 2 miles of family homestead/farm - Our house has 4 acres and did a lot log gardening - (which the deer somewhat mess up ) and home repairs - doing more reading and crosswords now with less mobility - drive Volvos and gave up motorcycles - dog a 140# Pyrenees and 2 cats - - always welcome classmates calls &/or visits

Do you have a favorite school story to tell?

4 years at Westtown - hundreds of stories - small & big - maybe mostly memories & most about the people - some about personal experiences - grieve the loss of friends - love going to reunions - find I can talk to those we hardly knew - and always just start up with anyone where we left off years ago without missing a beat - I, for one, needed the experience after my father dies when I was 11 - influential people - kids - Quaker life style - went to Westtown west (Earlham) - and basically have done ok - thank to everyone who touched my life

Military? Alternative Service? Peace Corps? Protestor? Canada? How did you relate to the war? Yourself or through friends or family. Leave blank if you don't want to answer the question.

Alternative service was in the Phila. Health Dept 2.5 years - then Washington DC as a Public Health, adviser with CDC - in communicable disease ( VD - TB - Smallpox - TB ..._)
Basically the Upper Darby draft board was not sympathetic to COs and after doing 2.5 years in Phila. they said I had to do it "away from "home" and minimal pay - so I went to Washington DC for 2 more years